Leipzig International School

August 10th 2017

Emma Fry has worked as English-Coach for German-speaking staff of Leipzig International School for some three years now. In our international environment, it is important that all staff members are confident and comfortable communicating about their work tasks in English. With new jobs and new job functions, it is not always easy to make the transition in one’s second or third or fourth language. With Ms. Fry’s training, employees are able to make significant progress.

Ms. Fry provides absolute custom training. She listens to the needs of her clients and develops sessions targeted at those needs. At the same time, Ms. Fry trains broadly. It is clear with each session, that she is not training for some sort of language test were simple answers are needed. Rather, she is training people to listen, speak and write in communication with others. Even on a familiar topic, the communication can take an unexpected turn, and each person must be ready to respond. Ms. Fry brings the perfect balance of language agility training and custom focus to her coaching sessions.

Also in perfect balance are the expectations Ms. Fry has of her trainees. Whilst the training is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere that invites uninhibited participation on the part of the trainees, the expectations of preparedness, attention, punctuality, politeness – all the expectations of a corporate meeting room – are prevalent and guide the session. This makes Ms. Fry’s trainings an extra asset for companies who invest in her work. Each session is a simulation of work life.

Leipzig International School recommends Ms. Fry as English-Coach exuberantly and without reservation!


Kirk Pfeiffer, Commercial Director, Leipzig International School