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Who we are

Pinpoint is a Leipzig-based company founded in 2017 by British-born language coach, Emma Fry.

Emma began her career in 2000 in Spain. She moved to Leipzig in 2007 and has gained more than 10 years’ experience coaching business English to a wide range of different clients.

As well as being a language coach, Emma also enjoys the challenge of learning languages and speaks fluent German and Spanish.

“I started Pinpoint because I saw that there is a big demand for high-quality business English that is tailored to the needs of both the individual learner and the company he or she works for. I have the experience to know what businesses need within a global English context and how to adapt course content so that it is relevant to each company. Coaching, for me, is about using the right strategies for each learner to ensure that learning English is motivating and effective”

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